Orphan MSI Entries during SQL Server Upgrade 2005 to 2008.

In the past days I was working and fixing a SQL Server upgrade from SQL 2005 to 2008.

Background of my environment.

1. Previous upgrades to MSSQL 2008 were performed unsuccessfully for someone else.

2. Some MSSQL 2008 new installations were performed unsuccessfully for someone else.

Because existed several attempts unsuccessful, the server has orphan entries on the windows registry about SQL Server 2008. Those entries were cleaned in manually way but the upgrade still having problems.

The error was:

MSI (s) (34:24) [19:02:40:273]: Specified instance

{FBD367D1-642F-47CF-B79B-9BE48FB34007} via transform

:InstID03.mst;:InstName01.mst is already installed. MSINEWINSTANCE

requires a new instance that is not installed.

It is because the MSI Inventory still has orphan entries of SQL Server 2008 for the installations unsuccessful, that’s way the upgrade can not be performed.

To fix the issue I use the following tools to clean the MSI Inventory:

  • MSI (Microsoft/Windows Installer) Inventory.
  • Windows Installer CleanUp Utility.


  1. Get the MSI inventory for all the software installed on my box. Here I use the MSI Inventory utility.


C:\tools\msi inventory\msiinv>msiinv.exe -v > msiinv_out.txt

  1. Look into the outcome if exists entries for MSSQL 2008. In my case I found some entries for MSSQL 2008. Here we can see that the product code is the same than the error mentioned above.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Product code: {FBD367D1-642F-47CF-B79B-9BE48FB34007}

Product state: (5) Installed.

Package code: {11FE9DE4-380B-45FE-985E-3EC1EFF9D159}

Version: 10.00.xx

AssignmentType: 1

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Language: 1033

  1. Windows Installer CleanUp Utility was used to clean the orphan entries on the MSI Inventory.

  1. After clean the orphan entries, if you get again the MSI Inventory the SQL Server entries do not must be there. After I clean my orphan entries, the Upgrade to 2008 can be perfomed in the normal way.

Please refer to the following link to download the utilities.

To download MSI Inventory:


To download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility:


For reference of MSI inventory please check the following blog:


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